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Devil´s Bible

Prague legend of Devil's Bible and its secret of the Seven Deadly Sins.

The largest handwritten book in the world Codex Gigas, also called as the Devil’s Bible.
According to the legend, it happend around the year 1200 in a Prague Benedictine monastery. The monk condemned to be walled up alive had to write all of the known knowledge of mankind in one book, during one night. And he succeeded only with the help of the devil, who is strangely shown on page 84. The book contains the Old and New Testaments, monumental encyclopedias, is possibly hiding a dark secret of seven deadly sins.
Unfortunately, it was 8 important leaf cut out during old times, nobody knows exactly why and what it contained.
But recently in deep of Prague Black Rose crypt, these mysterious sheets was discovered…
Just discover the content and understand it – maybe you look under the veil of mystery!

Average time:  55:26        Best time:  32:00

Price per game:   39-79 EUR           Capacity: 2-6 players

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