City Game Prague - FAQ

Zde najdete odpovědi na nejčastěji kladené otázky pro venkovní hry. Pokud nenajdete odpověď v následujícím textu, neváhejte nás kontaktovat telefonicky, nebo emailem. Rádi Vaše dotazy zodpovíme.

1. When can I play?

If you have made a booking for certain date, you got the instructions like this: "Start time: Saturday, 11pm-3pm" then send the "start" message after 11pm, and by 2pm.

2. I don’t know the city, will I be able to play?

It does not matter if you are in the city for the first time or your friend is born here. Both of you have similar chances to solve clues.

3. English is not my first language?

Our trails are written in English with no use of slang words. Anyway you should use your mind well to find the answers.

4. How many people can be in a team?

The minimum is a couple, we recommend 4 people, as the text instructions can be sent just to 4 mobiles. If your group is bigger, better split into more teams and play against each other.

5. If we play with multiple teams will they follow each other?

Generally not, as the teams solve the clues in different speed, they are usually fastly separated. Anyway, the team can meet other different teams during the game in certain spots.

6. Will my phone work?

You should have the roaming activated in your phone, and be able to receive and send text messages.

7. How much do text messages cost?

We pay for all text messages in Czech, it depends on your roaming conditions in the city. Generally one sent or received text message in roamiong territory will cost you EUR 3 - 5 cents. Probably your telephone company will chage you about 3 EUR per one game.

8. What number do I send the ‘start’ message to?

After your registration you will receive the confirmation text message. Just reply to this number.

9. How long does it take to receive a reply?

The reply is back in few seconds. Exceptionaly it can take maximum to 30 seconds.

10. Can I change my team details after I have signed up?

Yes, just send the text like "add this number - +420 222 333". But please note we support that only 4 numbers for a game. So if you have already 4 numbers, let us know which one we can release.

11. From what age can children participate?

Basicaly games are for adults but your team can be followed by older chidren, it depends on you. We recomend the age not less then 10 years.

12. How do I pay?

You can pay online after team registration.

13. Are you paid by the bars and pubs en route?

Absolutely not. In your journey you may enter a few cafe or pubs and it depends on you if you like to have drink there or not.