Little knowledge about Czech beer

Beer (pivo) in Czech Republic is like a bread. It’s cheap, often cheaper than any other beverages in a restaurant, but the taste is delicious and quality is fantastic.

By the way Czech Republic has the biggest beer consumption per capita in the world?

Are you confused by the beer’s alcohol content? If you see 12° or 14° , don’t panic that you will get drunk fast. The numbers given to the beers don’t indicate their alcohol percentage, They refer to the alcohol degree. Based on practice rather than theory a 10 degree beer is about 4% alcohol and a 12 degree is about 5%, 16° is 6.5% alcohol and 19° has 8%.

The most popular is simple lager, light beer, in Czech:„světlé“ 10°-13°

Brands: Pilsner, Kozel, Gambrinus, Budwar …

Popular is also dark beer, native says: „tmavé“, it is usually sweeter, popular for girls and Russian tourists.

In the Pub you can ask for “řezané pivo” which is a mixture of half-dark and half-light beer.

Be sure the all bartenders, in Czech: „výčepní: has to really know how to draft the beer and make poor foam from the pipe to have the proper consistency and amount. The beer foam is particular way of serving beer in Czechia.
Mostly you can order also refreshing „Šnyt“ – glass filled in 2/3 part with few centimeters of brew covered with big foam.

Planning your Prague visit, discover Czech beer.

You can choose from many attractions in Prague as Beer tasting tours , treasure hunt games, beer spa or museum.


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