Laser game near escape room Prague

Our team test the new unique Laser game Mercuria near escape room Prague. Here are some our tips for gaming:

5 tips for a better laser game experience from our team:

Don’t wear white colors dress. Laser tag arenas normally has low light levels with UV lighting. A white object reflects and people can see you much easier.

Learn the tag arena before start. Learn and find players favorite positions. When the game starts, come in first. First person shooters are actually a bit at an advantage.

Cover your-self. Stay close the walls. Keep shoulders low. Always look around. Watch your back. Once you have been under fire yourself, do not use your weapon as shield.

Do not stay too long in one place. Do not camp. You can run or walk. Maybe crawl. Just keep moving. For all it’s easier to hit a target when it’s standing.

Work as team and prepare your strategy. Use simple hand signals to locate the enemies. To keep all your team safe, operate better in pairs.

…and practice makes you perfect

We rate the game with *****. Laser game is a fun and simple game with our tips. You can choose between different game modes. They have mission for all ages there.

Finally, we highly recommend to continue Escape room experience with this Laser game activity in Hamleys – annex building. Very nice place. Great and friendly operators. Go there or ask our staff to make you reservation.

Planning Your Prague Visit, discover Laser tag game in laser arena.


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