Outdoor escape games in Prague

Outdoor escape games are surely part of tourist trips and activities in cities and towns around the world. You will experience new adventures as you walk through the old town. Trails take you off the main streets to places that only locals know. You will discover and see things that are often hidden from you in the details. Everywhere you go, you’ll look for clues, clues and solve puzzles.

There is a part of the child in all of us, we are often overwhelmed by gaming passions, we always want to discover new things, but we also want to have fun in our free time. Outdoor escape games are a fun way to explore cities, legends and history.

How to play Outdoor Escape Games?

You must have your mobile phone with you, you are always online and you communicate in online chat. During the game, you are asked open-ended questions that require you to answer with a simple word, picture or even a familiar emoticon. In some cases, you choose from options, similar to a quiz knowledge game. In the walking action, you compete in a battle for time or points with other players.

If you are looking for outdoor escape games on the internet?

Search games on the internet by keywords, outdoor escape game is also “outdoor escape room”, “city game”, “treasure game”, “Outdoor escape game”, “City game”, “Mystery hunt”, “Outdoor Adventure”, “Outdoor Quest”, “City Scavenger”, “Scavent tour”. There are many operators and they are still growing.

Tips for outdoor escape games in Prague


During the game you will discover hidden details and come face to face with the stone figures that found their place on a unique bridge in Prague over the Vltava River.

Symbols from history and the legends of the patrons who have protected each of us for centuries will reveal the mystery of the Charles Bridge.

The pillar of fulfilled wishes, Charles Bridge, Prague
The pillar of fulfilled wishes, Charles Bridge, Prague


This mysterious story will take you through the streets, parks and corners of the Lesser Town. Clues and hidden symbols will lead you from place to place and gradually initiate you into the magical formula of a closely guarded secret. The journey is your destination.

A tip for games in Europe

URBANmission (Berlín), Old Town Frankfurt: The Missing Treasure (Frankfurt), Alea Outdoor escape (Geneva), Crimerunners (Wíen)


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